Who is Kamilchen?

Actually my name is Kamila Majcher, but I often call myself Kamilchen

What Kamilchen does?

Since 2018 I make you laugh by transforming some old plates into Very Ugly Plates. But Kamilchen, tell us more about your 1st plate! Picture this: a charity auction for homeless doggos, a mini plate adorned with the cutest baby seals you've ever seen. And what did I want to do? Write something utterly filthy on it, of course! That moment was the spark that ignited this entire project. Suddenly, I found myself with a growing army of followers on social media, and Very Ugly Plates started popping up in people's homes faster than you can say "send nudes." This plate lives in London now with its new owner.

Who is actually reading this bullshit?

Well, not me for sure.