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For all those who’ve had enough of endless voice messages, here’s the perfect piece of decor to express your frustration with a dash of humor. This 20cm porcelain plate is inspired by my friend who just can't stop recording voice messages, and it's sure to get a laugh every time you look at it.

- **Design**: A dramatic, classical scene with the bold statement, "Oh yeah, the hell for people who send voice messages is that way."

- **Size**: 20cm – a perfect size to make a bold and humorous statement in any room.

- **Included**: Comes with a hanger for easy display, so you can effortlessly showcase this funny and unique piece.

- **Note**: Strictly for decoration – not safe for food, but perfect for serving a hefty dose of humor.


Add a touch of hilarity to your home with this one-of-a-kind decorative plate. Ideal as a quirky gift for friends who share your sentiment or as a playful addition to your own decor. Let it be a constant reminder that sometimes, silence is golden!