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Transform your space with a touch of historical sass and flea market flair! Our 25cm decorative plate, featuring an elegant yet unimpressed lady from yesteryears, is the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern humor.

- **Design**: A regal portrait with a sassy twist – "I'm Not Impressed" gracing the center in stylish script.

- **Size**: 25cm – large enough to make a statement and ensure your guests know they have a tough audience.

- **Included**: Comes with a hanger for easy display, making it a breeze to add this unique piece to your decor.

- **Backstory**: Discovered at a flea market, this plate brings a piece of forgotten history back to life with a humorous touch.

- **Note**: Strictly for decoration – not suitable for serving food, but perfect for serving up attitude.

Add a dash of humor and antique charm to your home with this one-of-a-kind decorative plate. Ideal as a gift for the witty and stylish, or as a standout piece in your own collection. Your walls will never be unimpressed again!