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Nothing happened

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Celebrate the unforgettable day when absolutely nothing happened with our beautifully crafted 20cm porcelain plate. Adorned with elegant blue roses and golden accents, this decorative piece is perfect for those who appreciate the humor in the mundane.

- **Design**: A sophisticated arrangement of blue roses and golden decor, highlighting the whimsical message, "In remembrance of the 6th of June 2024 when nothing happened."

- **Size**: 20cm – the ideal size to add a touch of humor and elegance to any space.

- **Included**: Comes with a hanger for easy display, making it a breeze to showcase this unique conversation starter.

- **Note**: Strictly for decoration – not suitable for serving food, but guaranteed to serve up smiles.


Bring a touch of wit and charm to your home with this one-of-a-kind decorative plate. Perfect as a quirky gift or a playful addition to your own decor, it’s a constant reminder that sometimes the best memories are made when nothing happens at all.