Willingness to live

Willingness to live

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Introducing the plate that's as unique as your sense of humor! Straight from a flea market treasure hunt, this 20cm porcelain beauty features a fairy frolicking in a lavender field, with a cheeky message: "I'M TINY AS YOUR WILLINGNESS TO LIVE." Perfect for those who love a good laugh and a bit of vintage charm.

- **Material:** Fancy porcelain that screams, "I have taste!"

- **Diameter:** 20cm – because size matters

- **Unique Element:** Snagged from a flea market, so you're literally getting a one-in-a-million piece

- **Usage:** Hung on a wall to confuse and amuse your guests

Why settle for boring when you can have a Very Ugly Plate that’s a guaranteed conversation starter? Perfect for your eclectic kitchen, quirky gallery wall, or as a gift for that friend who’s a little offbeat (in the best way possible).